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Is it the way of life, that as you get older, you just get busier and busier? And I’m not even married/have children! Anyway, Happy Easter! It’s almost done, but again I say rejoice! Winter was too long here, so I’m very excited for Summer.

I’m sooo busy; my day job is increasing, and freelance work continues. I’m so sorry to my flexible-deadline collaborators, but I’m working out a schedule. I basically have two days a week to do art work, so I’ve got to fit it all in like the pieces of a puzzle. .....

...A puzzle!!! In time in between work (Sundays and evenings when I’m not doing housework and too tired to art anymore) I’ve been playing Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy. (Spoiler-free – for Millionaires' Conspiracy; there is a spoiler for Unwound Future – and I’m not finished so DON’T YOU SPOIL ME!) I was doubtful at first, because Azran Legacy is such an excellent conclusion and I couldn’t see how Professor Layton could have a daughter given that the woman he loved is dead. And then, it seemed to be case after case of trivial mysteries without much intensity, and the puzzle quality has gone down a bit. But still, the main characters are immediately likeable, and the music and locations are, as always, beautiful. And now! The plot is picking up and mentions of the Professor are increasing and I’m dying to learn what’s become of him, what has happened since Unwound Future, who Katrielle really is! As for my earlier objections, first, Azran Legacy is still the conclusion of the main part of the story; this is spinoffy, next-generationy (but not in a deconstructive way ) enough not to feel like a dragging out after what should have been the end. Second, I now know more about men and women and marriage – I overemphasized romantic sensibility when I was but a young maiden not yet an old maid – that marrying someone else after being deeply in love is not necessarily a contradiction, especially certainly if the first beloved has died. And as of yet I still don’t know if that’s the case, if Katrielle is his begotten or adopted daughter! I have theories about both possibilities. I don’t know if they’ll even tell us in this game, or ever! Her personality is very believable as being raised by him though. While not as intelligent, still inquisitive and puzzle-obsessed while annoyingly-not-explaining what she’s concluded till the last minute, and she has his compassionate thinking the best of people and thus bringing out that best. And at the same time, she’s clearly somewhat spoiled, which I can totally see the Professor doing with a girl. :aww:

Through all this, I get so inspired and my dearest wish is to make a story as good as this one. Ace Attorney/Professor Layton is my favorite all of the works of fiction I have ever known, and I’m overwhelmed both with the seeming impossibility of making anything with such surprising and complex plots, iconic and captivating characters, interconnected parallelism and Christ-reflecting symbolism, and artistic delight; and the desire to try. Aaaaand we’re back to the lack of time! Well, all the more reason to solve the schedule puzzle and make it work to do all the things!

Portrait training (suggestions welcome!): √Mimi from Digimon, Miku Hatsune, Rebel from Alt:star:Hero, Dejah Thoris, Katrielle Layton and Sherl, Apollo Justice, Junpei from Zero Escape, Brainiac 5 cartoon design -- further suggestions are welcome and may or may not be accepted!
Accepted suggestions so far: Bang/Silver Fang from One Punch Man, Miles Edgeworth, Erwin Smith

Story List

Clockwork Dancer by Jon Del Arroz
Thumbnailed one more page. I want this to be my main work-for-another-person, but work that has impending deadlines takes precedence for now. Must solve the schedule puzzle!

Paper Doll Veronika
76 pages have been completed and the website has been constructed. I just need to build up a buffer and work out the schedule puzzle so that I can keep progressing at a rate to allow for weekly updates. (by the way, this is the story I ambition to be like unto AA/PL…)

No new progress.

26 Palaces Under the Sea
No new progress.

Mary's Mazes
No new progress.

Fanworks (all DC)

Batman: Decadence
No new progress.

All's Right with the World
No new progress.

The Curse of the Scarab
No new progress.

Justice League de Coeur
Status uncertain.
  • Reading: The Complete Conan the Barbarian by Robert Howard
  • Playing: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy
  • Eating: asparagus

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Mary MacArthur
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States


Finished the thumbnails for issue 1 of Clockwork Dancer!!! :dance:
I am no longer using Patreon because of their silencing of journalists reporting on leftwing violence, but I want to reiterate my support for chateaugrief and LauraHollingsworth and their respective awesome webcomics!
Now having finished Millionaires' Conspiracy:
And fanart to come.
Batman Ninja seems awesome! It's nice to have a DC thing to look forward to again. And it's releasing on my birthday!
How do you put an image in a status? Is that only for subscribers?
If you're a watcher who's still paying attention, I'd love to hear from you on this status just to know how many there are! An emoticon or punctuation mark will suffice! And if you have the time, let me know which of my following projects interests you, if any: Clockwork Dancer by Jon Del Arroz, Batman Decadence, Paper Doll Veronika, Beckyless, All's Right with the World, Mary's Mazes. Thank you!
Confidence in art skills dropping by the minute... Really wish I could take a week off just to train myself.


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